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LYHO 2018

This 12 piece powerhouse pays big respect to JOE COCKER



Madder Lake 18

Madders Logo animation

This legendary Melbourne Band from the 70's is still rockin' and playing songs you can't forget....

Click HERE for more.... or purchase our new album "WORLD" HERE !


Fats sign

Cat w Fats


Buy our latest double CD release "Monstereo Deliciosa" HERE



IN "GENIUS" I got to play RAY CHARLES -

style piano in a Baptist Church with 10 piece band

and 12 person choir...OH YEAH!!!


the JUKE JOINT Angels

Featuring the awesome vocals of Germaine McCarthy

We're a piano and vocal duo check out our demos HERE !!!


Jonathan Taylor

aka Jonny the Rratt 

This guy is truly unique!!! You need this...

together he and I play all instruments

For more Jonny stuff click HERE




featuring the brilliant SARAH HILL

Check her out HERE

Words fail me...JUST DO IT!!!

I produce this band here at Fantasy Caves Studios


Fantasy Caves Radio





Click HERE to see a small dedication to my dearest friend

Roger Treble whom I miss every day...