To look at me, most people wouldn’t imagine me to be the romantic type, and yet desire, not design was the inspiration for my searches, and finally my reward.

In my most self-indulgent moments I imagined her conventionally handsome husband meeting with tragic accidents – instantaneous deaths of varying kinds. My imagination seemed to think that her great loyalty to him would overcome any mere maiming, or total disfigurement ,so it had to be death, for my chance to arrive. 

          She worked beside me and with me between eight  and ten hours a day, her sweet breath often felt on my shoulder as we ran our latest concepts together, and then he would be there to pick  her up, and take her home, leaving me alone with my thoughts, and her words resounding like bells through my  subconscious mind. 

          Requisitioning new designs was why I received my  unrealistically immense salary, and she, she was the only person  who  could conceptualise  in my mathematical language. She was my critic, my muse  and my equal, why without her; the thought was too horrible. 

          Alone that evening my nebulous thoughts began to congeal as I doodled  on the napkin of my food tray. No it’s not what you think, I didn’t start planning a murder… I started conceptualising  a way of not ever having to lose her – her essence anyway, and I found myself drawing boxes joined by lines on that napkin and a stick with squiggly lines emanating  from it .

Inspired, I drew up a block diagram for her to inspect in the morning. Wondering how she’d react, I finally managed to tear myself away, and in joyful exhaustion showered and went to my quarters to sleep.

          Naturally my concept surprised her at first, but in her charming accepting fashion she jumped on my bandwagon and began to assist me in the detailed design. 

Recording the oscillations of her unique electric field, her aura, was our first project.

In the electrical isolation chamber the field receivers were placed in a three dimensional array equivalent to up/down front/back left/right. These were then connected to the amplifiers and then the processed signals should show up on the big screen – fastest oscillations transformed to blue and ultraviolet slowest to red and infra red with the colours of the rainbow between extremes. This was the theory anyway, and so it was with much excitement I watched her calmly disrobe, coyly brush her beautiful body with the static removing brush, switch off the light and lie on the upholstered table in the body temperature chamber. How I admired her professionalism – what a liberated woman. 

          As the chamber was now in absolute darkness there was no point in staring as I was, so in a trance-like state I turned toward the big screen with my control panel with it’s dials and sliders resting on my lap.

Tuning the receivers was a bit like tuning a television set – an awful lot of possible wavelengths to choose from; so I began slowly turning the Macro knob and watching the screen which gave the odd flash of colour as I passed through some upper harmonic of the fundamentals I was looking for.

For twenty minutes I turned that Macro knob watching the black screen with the glazed look of a TV junkie. 

          Then it happened! I passed through what was obviously the “in-tune” point and had a fleeting glimpse of the majestic sight that would soon be mine. Ecstatically I moved to the Micro knob and began fine tuning back towards the point. 

          Looking at the screen my jaw dropped – I felt like I was witnessing the most incredible sight ever seen. There she was seemingly floating in an infinitely variable  kaleidoscope of shifting coloured light with regions of effervescence against her skin and waves of primary colours flowing backwards and forwards and outwards and inwards.

As I watched stunned I saw what looked like solar prominences of bright gold leap into a crimson cloud in front of her forehead, while her feet and hands were the most majestic aquamarine.

Unable to remove my eyes I groped toward the recorder switch and turned it on. By now I could no longer feel my body as somehow I removed my shirt and trousers all the while transfixed by the sheer beauty of the apparition on the screen. 

I heard her gasp as she felt my arm encircle her shoulders, and the hairs on my chest touch her back, as I gently kissed the nape of her neck.

“Please no…” she said sliding away from me and standing away from the table where I couldn’t see her in the dark. I heard her move to the door and eventually out of the chamber into the control room.

I lay naked on the table feeling strong conflicting emotions on one level and yet a deep sense of spiritual serenity on another. The images on the screen filled my mind and I felt a surge of delight. 

The next thing I knew there was her husky voice in my ear, “You’re so beautiful…I can’t believe it…let me touch you…you’re recording aren’t you…” 

I could feel the twin points of her nipples against my back and her and her fingernails sending shock waves through me as she traced a line from my knee to my inner thigh.

“Don’t move” she whispered “I’m just experimenting.” 

I lay on my back and tried to relax as she experimented on me for what must have been a full half hour.

Using her fingernails mainly but also nibbling sometimes with her teeth she began to turn me on almost against my will – almost…Finally I felt her hair fall over my stomach and I knew she was about to complete her experiment. 

My body went into spasm as she engulfed me with her lips

“There!” she exclaimed “Let’s watch the recording of that!!” 

Lethargically I followed her into the control room pulling on my clothes with misplaced embarrassment as she cued up the recording stark naked, and completely at ease. 

I watched in silent amazement as the screen exploded into the most brilliant colours – mini geysers of violet then pink then shimmering silver were shooting between our two silhouetted forms, our auras were meeting and blending – rails of iridescent green          were appearing where she had drawn the fingernail lines, and a fountain of flame like a Roman candle grew and grew from the top of my head. 

With both our eyes glued to the screen I found myself hugging her as tightly as I could from behind basking in her smell and staring wide-eyed until the recording ran out, and the screen suddenly went blank.

In a state of shock she turned to face me and I saw she had tears running down her cheeks.

“I, I suppose I’d better get dressed, he’s due to pick me up any minute” she stammered. Unable to restrain myself I kissed her long and passionately on the lips. Moving to the control panel I saved the co-ordinates of the tuner on the processor and made a copy of the recording while she brushed her hair and put on a little lipstick and eye makeup. I followed her as she went to meet him; she turned and smiled once and then was gone. 

That night I watched the recording again, wondering to myself what other aspect of her I could keep with me. It didn’t take long for inspiration to strike…I wanted her smell – whenever I wanted it. Instead of sleeping I designed the basics of an Olfactory Analyser/Synthesiser ready for her perusal in the morning. 

I started worrying when she hadn’t arrived by 11am and was panicking by 1pm when I called her home. Her husband answered the phone and when I asked to speak to her he replied that that wouldn’t be possible. I asked if everything was alright. He said “Well NO actually" and hung up.

I tried to stay calm I sent the plans for my new machine down to production with “URGENT” written on them and rang personnel to enquire after her.

It was then I heard the news. She had rung that morning from she wouldn’t say where to say she would no longer be able to remain at her job, that she had experienced a deep spiritual awakening and would be uncontactable by anybody from her previous life. When I asked if she’d left any special message for me the reply was “sorry nothing.” 

Unbelieving I shambled to my desk only to find the Olfactory Analyser/Synthesiser sitting on it with a note from production attached to it saying it worked brilliantly in their trials. Having nothing else to do I switched the machine on and had it sample my smell. 

The phone rang, it was her voice on the line. “Come away with me” said her voice on the phone, “Leave the material! Fly with me into the electric universe!” “Please” I said “meet me somewhere so we can talk about this”

“I will come to you tonight to speak to you about this” she replied and hung up, leaving me holding the phone with a bittersweet sensation. I found myself unable to do anything constructive for the rest of the day so I went to my quarters and ended up drinking and smoking heavily. 

At about midnight there was a knock on my door, I stumbled over to open it and let her in. “We two are one!” she said taking my arm and leading me towards our workplace. “Don’t you feel it too?” she coaxed staring at my dishevelled appearance with wide eyes.

“Ah…well…” I stuttered “what about your husband, surely you two are more one than we are.”

“Hush…” she sighed “don’t think just feel!” Her breath sweeter than honey made me giddy. I collapsed into my chair reached over to my new machine and switched it on. Taking both my hands in hers she tried to pull me towards her saying “Come now! Be free! We can fly!” My body felt like lead and I flopped back into my chair “No no I can’t handle it…” 

Without a word she turned on her heels and seemed to float out the door. “Will I ever see you again?” I yelled drunkenly after her, but she was gone. 

I turned on the Release on my new machine. Her delicious scent filled the room.