California Dreaming

    The move north from the city had been brewing at the back of my mind for longer than I can remember but it wasn't until that big cheque came in I was able to realize my dream, my statement, my masterpiece.

    My tree-house has been my obsession day and night since then, it's circular shape growing in my imagination even as it's beginnings took shape before my eyes.

    My tree-house is built seventy feet in the air at the first branching of a giant California Redwood which has by a freak of nature at some distant time lost it's central trunk and now spreads like a giant tuning fork up and up for 290 feet in two separate branches, leaving at their junction an area easily big enough to build the world's most unique tree house.

    That first night as I rested after connecting my computer to the satellite dish, I sat on the verandah soaking up the delightful panorama spreading beneath me and  the Moon glinting off the sea on the distant horizon. I had a glass of wine in my hand and my feet were on the railing when it came to me in a blinding flash, a shock of recognition.

    There was  somebody with me unseen yet undeniable...

I knew it was the tree.

    A little shaken I moved indoors refilled my glass of wine and took a large gulp.  Well it was obvious wasn't it that the thousand year old tree would exert some kind of psychological effect on a mere forty year old human.

I relaxed at that thought and then decided to meditate on the feeling the tree's presence was giving me. I resumed my favorite seat on the verandah re-experiencing the sublime moment of spiritual clarity I had had in my PhD year in which everything appeared explicable and fundamentally logical, including even intelligence and the life force itself.

    I opened up my mind and imagined myself to be harmonizing and resonating with the subtle rhythms of the tree's life. The night sounds began to fade and the moon's glimmer seemed to grow brighter as I closed my eyes, a blissful smile at the corners of my mouth. I could feel the giant tree's strength and power and I felt myself diving willingly into it's experience.

    I felt it's grandeur standing alone as it did where previously so many of its sisters had stood, but where now it stood, regally surrounded like so many courtiers by it's lesser cousins the giant firs.

    Resonance - resonance was the power in nature only hinted at by music, resonance, sympathy, empathy, and harmony...These were the messages from the tree. How to give and receive like a dance, to ebb and flow in the air-ocean, to merge into unity.

    The unbelievable truth is... I can now merge my life field with my sister the tree, each being charged and changed by the other.

     Our nights are spent in union and our days are spent improving the algorithm for artificial sight for NASA.