Andrew's Photo Biography


Fay and Bob Burns my parents (1950)


Grandma holds Andrew (1st grandchild) at christening (1952)


Mum's parents Nellie and Dougal McDonald



Dad's parents known only as Grandma and Grandpop Burns



Our bach at Akitio Beach with Dad's Morris Oxford and Grandpop McDonald's Ford Customline

in which I learned to drive



Sister Diana and me at Akitio circa1956




STRAITE  that's me on the right (1974)

Andy Roseanne wedding

Married Roseanne 1975 [L-R Fay Bob Andy Steve Roseanne Sue Diana]


1976 Son Campbell is born



CHARISMA that's me on the left (1977)



The late Roy Broughton Campbell  and me in 1977


Leon Berger Band @ Sydney Musicians Club 1981. Tim Brosnan on bass,

I'm playing Rhodes, Oberheim, and my beloved MiniMoog.



Luke Spekes Band... I'm on the right (1998)



the Otherwise... (2004) I'm on the left



Live on bass at Pentridge prison (2004)



Look Mum TWO HANDS !!!! NZ 2006


I'm playing bass in this song NZ 2006


Got married to the beautiful Adele July 14th 2007



ABs 2015

Andy and Adele 2015




Otis our much-loved chocolate Burmese



Meiko 1

Meiko our amazing Japanese Spitz

Moko Ollie

Son Campbell Grandson Oliver and Andy 2017

that's all folks!!!!