Here are some shots of the inaugural reunion which took place atwhich took place

Tony Jane and family's property Kairanga outside Palmerston North New Zealand January 2006

Straite in 1973


Manawatu Evening Standard Article

Kit Tony and Xk120 Jag

Mal and Kit

Kit and Gibby

Andy and Kit

Getting lyrics from 70's originals

Stan goes off

Stan and Mal duo

Kit gets all the way down

Very happy Stan...funny that....

Japanese Bath House crowd

Poolside relaxing between rehearsals

Sunday Concert audience

Amber chilled

Mike Dodds in control

 Family Harmonizing

Campbell blissed

Cuzzies performing

Alf and Band featuring 10 year old keyboard player

Straite set 1 @ 5pm

Stan's eye view

Cool Kit

Andy letting rip

Mal solo sunset

Straite set 2 @ 8pm

Campbell solo