Piano aged 5 realized I had perfect pitch. Guitar aged 10.

First paid gig aged 13. Cello to grade 8 and Double bass in orchestras at school and university.

Turned professional halfway through a law degree when band I was in was offered a position as dance band on "Northern Star"

Liner on 6 month round-the-world cruise NZ to UK and back 1971-1972. Never finished degree. 

Got spotted by Renee Geyer's band while I was playing 6 nights a week at Cleopatra's  nightclub in Auckland 1979.

They recommended me as a keyboard player forLeon Berger Band who played 4 nights/week at Musicians Club in Sydney.

They paid my airfare to come to Australia and join the band. 

In Sydney for 7 years from 1980 played with:Leon Berger Barry Leef  Erana Clark Andy Sidari Doug Parkinson (tour of Australia)

Jenny Morris (QED founding member) Mark Williams Shauna Jensen  Rick Price Digger Revell ( includingTamworth ) 

Rex Goh  Peter Northcote Shane Flew   Mark Kennedy and a multitude of other great musicians . 

Moved to Melbourne 1987.

Worked nightclub strip on King St in Hi TECH duo with Helen Ryder. Long residencies at Underground, Inflation, and the Ivy. 

1991-1992"  Keyboard player for musical "HAIR" 8 shows/week for 450 shows around Australia

  1993 Live TV show "Tonight Live" with Steve Vizard  5 nights/week for 40 weeks in Sam See's band on keyboards (Hammond organ) and guitar.

Backed among others Tom Jones Bob Geldorf  Steve Morse John Farnham and many more.

In Melbourne played with, 

 Stephen Cummings  Wendy Stapleton   Normie Rowe  Les Stacpool   British Rock Symphony (Thelma Houston Eric Burdon Glen Shorrock)

Maireid  Cold Sweat Fats Wah Wah Madder Lake and another multitude of great musicians. 

1997 Performed solo piano at the VIP bar at Crown Casino 40 hours/week for 6 weeks for the opening month of new casino. 

2000 3 week Light plane tour of Aboriginal Communities  on Cape York, Arnhem Land, and Islands with Normie Rowe band.

2001-2002 Muddy Murphy's Bar Singapore for 2x 1month engagements playing guitar in band. 

Currently average 2-3 performances/week in all formats from solo duo trio band to big band.

Perform mostly on keyboards also bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, and vocals .


1977 "Straight" album Auckland

1979 "Tama Band" album Auckland

1980 "Leon Berger Band" album Sydney

1985 "QED" album Sydney

1986 "Projectiles" album Sydney

1990 "Live your dreams" Tim Robinson album Melbourne

1993 Live TV Tom Jones Chaka Khan Bob Geldorf and others.

1995 "Glynn Nicholas show" ABC TV comedy 

10 episodes soundtrack (composed performed and produced)


1997 "Ghost Ship" Luke Spekes album Melbourne


2000 "Out There" Luke Spekes album Melbourne


2002 "7000 miles" Shane Flew album Sydney


2002 "Zen Weed Blokes" The Ombudsmen album Melbourne


2003 "the Otherwise" album Melbourne


2004 "Ancient History" Shane Flew album Sydney


2004 " Zero Edition" album Melbourne


2004 "Zoophyte" album Melbourne


2004 "the Otherwise" EP Melbourne


2004 "Levitation is REAL" Andy Burns album Melbourne


2004 "Verdant Ochre" Jonathan Taylor album Queensland


2005 Guryel Ali album Melbourne


2005 Matt Walters Band album Melbourne


2005 "21st Century Girl" Sarah Hill album Melbourne


2005 "Plugged" Jonny the Rratt album Queensland


2006 "Fat Roots" Fats Wah Wah album Melbourne


2007 Fats Wah Wah LIVE album Melbourne


2007 "6000 miles" Shane Flew album Sydney


2008 "Wonder Woman" album Pagan Newman Melbourne


2008 Madder Lake Live album Melbourne


2008 Fats Wah Wah album Melbourne


2010 "Surfs Up in Gembrook" Fats Wah Wah Melbourne


2013 Fats Wah Wah LIVE double album Melbourne


2014 "WORLD" album Madder Lake Melbourne